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Cable Management Kit

US$ 13.6

Keep your table clean and manage all your cables with our Cable Management Kit. Don’t let your cables become a tangled mess and make it impossible to find the one you need. Use our Cord Manager to ensure your cables are neatly separated and Cable Management Ties for a clean and non-intrusive method to neatly bundle your cables together. This is ideal for anyone looking for a solution to manage all of their cables.

Non-intrusive – Wrap around the outside and cause no physical damage to your cables.

Easy to use – Made from materials that ensure your cables are easy to reposition and straps can be reused.

Wide Compatibility – Designed to fit a variety of different sized cables.

Improve Aesthetics – Clear the clutter and mess from your desk by keeping your cables neatly bundled and non-tangled.






Dimensions (MM)


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Weight (KG)


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What's Included

1 x Hook and Loop Roll (1M)
3 x Cable Management Tie
3 x Cord Manager

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